Happy Anniversary & Storm…

Today is our 22nd Anniversary. Too Cool!

I went into town to search for her Christmas present. Lowe’s could make what I needed but they’re WAY too expensive! $465 to $1500 for a simple cabinet with two drawers for hanging files. So I went to Office Depot. Found a two-drawer unit for $170 BUT they deliver it and want $25 for doing that. What!? You mean I can’t just load it into the back of my truck and take it home? Nope, gotta deliver it. So I went to Staples where they had one almost exactly like the one at Office Depot for cheaper and I got to load it into my truck and take it home with me. Staples is a pretty cool store!

Traffic was mondo fucked up in town today! Backed up forever. Took me almost a half an hour to get from Office Depot to Staples; a distance of "across the street!" Daymn! But I finally did get home.

But then SWMBO asked me if I wanted to go to the Navy Exchange (NEX) in Bremerton so she could get her brother a Christmas present. Sure! I haven’t been to the NEX for awhile and wouldn’t mind getting another expansion pack for FltSim X. So off we went over hill and over dale and over slickery iced over snowy roads (again) to the NEX. Was nice being out with her nomatter where we were going. Walked around the NEX and got Bob’s present, got me a new camo cap (that I have to remember NOT to burn up the next time I go to the property!) and was going to eat at the Sammich shop there but the line was way too damned long. So we just came on home and SWMBO made us something to eat.

Started snowing about 1400 and hasn’t let up yet. I put the tailgate of my truck down and there’s already almost 3 inches of snow piled up on it. Just looked outside and it is snowing like crazy!

Phil’s over watching the last Star Trek movie (Nemesis) and otherwise we’re just lounging around. Been "playing" with some of my flight sims to see how they do with the new video card. Great! Even X-Plane even though it still gave me that "Too many things to render" message showed about 20 times more objects than it has ever shown before. Maybe more. Cool! Terragen renders a frame in about 3 minutes now instead of 30+ minutes. Cool! Unfortunately though I have to run my screen resolution at 1400×1050 or I get these damned ugly green artifacts in the strangest places. Really sucks. I like the higher resolutions even though this will probably be better for my eyes.


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