Too Much Snow! Still!

And more predicted. Wow. Now, I know that a lot of folks "back East" and in places like Utah are thinking to themselves "What an idiot. That’s not much snow". You have to remember though; We live in a place where a "mere" 2 inches in the winter brings the whole area to a complete standstill. Chaos ensues. Emergency measures are put in place: Schools close. Post Offices close. All traffic is rerouted through Jacksonville, Florida. No one is allowed to have a baby for the next 14 months. Serious shit.


Heard creaking sounds coming from our roof last night. Guess I ought to pull as much snow off the roof as I can today. This being stuck in the house Sucks! Oh, and we lost power for a couple of hours last night. Bummer. Good thing we’re prepared though. I plugged the converter into the battery thingie I have then plugged the radio into the converter. Commercial radio sucks! I listened to KOMO News to kind of keep an ear on how the storm was progressing and cause it was the only station that came through halfway clear. They’d have maybe 2 minutes of talking then 3-5 minutes of commercials. Brrrr. Half of their "Traffic on the 4s" (meaning traffic report every 10 minutes but on the "4"s (04, 14, 24 etc)) was half ad for "Traffic on the 4s". How Do these folks live with themselves?


I don’t think SWMBO’s Kia is going anywhere soon!

Sent these pics off to Northwest Cable News (NWCN). Maybe they’ll show them on tv…

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