Christmas Eve. Cool!

Weather yesterday was mostly clear; no snow or rain. Mostly. I seem to remember a few flakes (the snow kind) very early. Today it snowed like a sumbitch for awhile, mixed snow/rain for awhile, then just a really cold rain.

Took Phil to Albertson’s and COSTCO during the worst part of the snowing. Got better traction in the fresh snow. I’d bet we passed by 8 cars off the side of the road stuck in the snow! When will these people learn to slow down when it snows? Dorks. Phil and I only slid around once on a really icy part of the road where we had to turn. Still, the normally 10 minute trip took almost 45. Got our stuff at Albertson’s and headed over to COSTCO. Phil hits all the stands handing out the free food on the way in, does his shopping, then hits all the free food stands on the way out. Took (Takes) forever! :grin:

Yep, it’s Christmas Eve. Got a call from Ginny (Sis) in Utah. She wanted to tell me that she’d heard Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” in an LDS Chapel in Utah. I told her I was always glad to hear about Mormons moving into the 19th Century. Unfortunately they only played it for a funeral of a young person she knew. Bummer.

Not much else going on around here. Just trying to get the place cleaned up for guests tomorrow. Gotta get off my lazy fat ass and get the kitchen cleaned up.

Here’s a slideshow of the pictures I took the other day and posted in our gallery. Not sure who did the music; sounds like the kind of stuff I do so I may have. I just don’t remember.

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