Post Christmas ______(Fill In The Blank)…

Not the blahs, really. Kinda Sorta just glad it’s mostly over. Maybe tv will get back to normal. Nah!

Phil & I drove out to the property today. Snowed almost all the way and back. If I had been thinking I’d have realized that they probably plowed the main road to the property. And that, since I’m not actually living there to go down and clear the opening to the driveway, that there might be a 4 foot high wall of snow blocking access to the property. If I had been thinking… But I wouldn’t have made it up the driveway anyway as there is about 18 inches of snow (knee deep) all the way up. I only made it about half way walking up when I saw fresh bear tracks and decided on the better part of valor. Uh, I left. Did manage to take a few pictures though. Put them up in my Gallery, if yer interested. (About the bear tracks; I don’t really know if they were fresh or not. But, considering how hard it was snowing and that the tracks had not filled in very much (if any) I decided not to chance it. I really don’t want to meet that bear by myself. I want someone with me that I can outrun…)

Christmas went pretty well this year. Our son didn’t make it but SWMBO’s brother did. My present (as always) is being able to spend the holiday with SWMBO. She got me a new 1.5 TB drive for our MediaServer. Cool! Took almost 3 hours to format the thing! Now I’m busy moving all the tv shows from one of the 500 GB drives to it. Takes a long time to copy that much information over even with both drives being internal.

SWMBO spent a good couple of hours putting her Christmas present together; and enjoyed almost every minute of it. She got a nice looking lateral file cabinet for her desk that she’s trying to assemble. I’d have put it together for her but she wanted to do it. Cool! She’s so handy.

Not much else going on around here. Brian (our son) is over and SWMBO is making breakfast for us. I get to go help Phil cut up some of the wood he has laying around his place so he can heat his house. It’s raining (of course!).


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