Cold Out Today! At Least It’s Dry(er)…

Started my day as usual: sitting before this danged computer checking mail, news & jobs. No important mail, the News isn’t, and there aren’t any jobs for an old guy that’s been out of work for awhile.

Who Is This?

One of the pictures I just newly scanned after setting up the negative scanner. Hadn’t seen this picture in about 35 years! I don’t remember this girls name. Friend of ours brought her over when I lived in Virginia Beach way back in 1976 or so. She wore a nice blouse, but, she had one of the most beautiful faces I’d ever seen! (Until I met my lovely young bride: SWMBO) Yeah, I got in a lot of trouble with my future ex- for taking this picture. Green with envy

So, spent most of the time between my earlier remarks and now (pause) scanning all the OLD paperwork from the MC-ARC (of which I am the Treasurer) and trying to get all that straight. Scanned everything to PDF files. I can see NO reason to keep hardcopy unless you’re going to have to send it to someone; and even then I’m sure that they can handle PDF files. But some places (don’t get me started!) still like actual paper for some reason. I may even “waste” some time tonight and convert our membership form to PDF so people can download it, fill it out, save it, then e-mail it back to us. Or print it out and bring it in. (In which case I’d rescan it to a PDF file.)

Downloaded the statements from the MC-ARC bank account back through Jan 2011; and plan to get earlier if I can for our records. Got all the money straight and reports printed (yes, printed) for the meeting next Saturday morning.

Still haven’t figured out what to have for dinner yet.

We all went for a tour of the back-40 earlier and it was FRAKKIN’ COLD! A mere 28 degrees. Won’t snow though… HEY, it’s trying to snow out there. Occasional snow flakes. Cool!

Chilidogs & bakes (as opposed to FRIES) for dinner.

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