Wx Changed Yesterday To Rain

So, of course, I woke up with a splitting headache. Lasted all damned day so I didn’t get much of anything done until well after 1500 hrs. Even freezing my head didn’t seem to help much. I even tried napping; and it’s really rare for me to lay back down during the day. Damn, I hate waking with a headache!


But it did eventually go away and I got my usual chores done. Checked mail before it got dark out. (You ever reach into a dark mailbox? You don’t know what the hell is in there!) Picked SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing (raining like a bitch!), came back home, and pretty much crashed. Still got to sleep around my usual time.

It’s a bit early right now (0620) but I have to be in Olympia by 1300 for an appointment with the folks that are going to do the sleep study on me. Already have the route programmed into the truck to test my directions-thingie.


Well, appointment went well; if short. Got there at 1230 (wasn’t as hard to find as I’d figured), appointment at 1330 (Doc seemed kinda perfunctory(?)), and was on my way home by 1430. For some reason the Doc (Lampert) just didn’t impress me. But, they’re having me go back the 31st for the actual Sleep Study so I guess it works out. He (the Doc) said that he’s not sure if I have Sleep Apnea or just plain trouble getting to sleep. I guess we’ll see.

And that’s pretty much my day. At least I didn’t wake up with a headache again. I get to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing tonight and plan our trip to Portland for Sunday.


Damn! I’m sick of hearing Seahawk shit on tv. Hazards of having only a local News channel to watch.

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Pretty Slow Christmas Eve Day

Mostly because it started with a headache. Wasn’t too bad when I gave SWMBO a ride to the Ferry Landing this morning; but got progressively worse until I just froze my head for awhile. That seems to have worked. But it’s 1645 and my day has been shot.


Not that I planned to do anything today anyway. I’m pretty much in Holiday Mode. Not in a great Holiday Mood, but willing to be convinced. Gets better after SWMBO gets home. Nice to be able to walk into her room and give her a kiss whenever I want!


That was a weird segue.  Probably cause I’m still not thinking entirely straight. Yep, really looking forward to that drive into Bremerton to pick her up tonight. Think I’ll make a quick trip to the Vape Shop while I’m there.

Vape Shop was closed. Like it was a Holiday or something. So I went on down and picked SWMBO up. She had me take her to Walmart out East Bremerton way. Bad idea. Saw a 32” digital led tv for $168 so I got it. Then $50 for a wall mount for my monitor. Then $20 for a XBox One game for her son for Christmas. Phew!


Stopped by Mickey D’s on the way home cause I was getting hungry. Got the tv set up on my desk. Can’t get the HDMI to work and I know it’s my computer. Maybe I haven’t even installed the driver for it? Not sure but will figure it out. Not tonight though.

I’m going to bed.

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I Couldn’t Believe It. Another Headache

About 2230 last night I went from feeling okay to a pounding headache in the space of 3 heartbeats. Strange. About 0130 I finally got up and got a bag of ice and froze my head. Didn’t seem to help until about 0530. Was gone when I got up at 0600. Thank Goodness!


So today I’m really watching what I eat and do. I don’t remember eating any of the “trigger” foods the last couple of days; so maybe it’s something new. Grapes? Egg Nog? Those are really the only “strange” things I’ve consumed. Maybe it’s the way I prop my head up when reading? I don’t know. So I’m not going to do any of those things tonight and see what happens. Maybe my Ex- is working her hoodoo.


Spent the day finishing the new counter tops in my radio/computer room. Those are in nice and solid. Moved my book case back into there and put all the stuff back on the shelves. Plugged in a couple of those network through the wiring things to try before running a long network cable across a couple of rooms again. (May work. May not. If my Internet slows down too much I’ll go back to cable.) Will move my computer and radio back in there tomorrow. Then I get to re-string some antenna’s.

Playing With Apophysis

Got a message that PFCU is STILL working on where the hell my payment to KFCU went. No projected resolution date. So I went to PFCU and had them stop payment on that check they supposedly mailed. They were going to charge me $30 to do that. No Way! So they cancelled the payment (at no cost to me) and it should be refunded in 2-3 days. Not waiting. They decided to cut a check to KFCU by overdrawing my checking account (at no cost to me as long as I remember not to use my checking account for a few days). Inconvenient but doable. Took the certified check straight to KFCU so, at last, my first Truck payment is in. Not exactly on time but not late billing wise. Has kind of put me off on “Bill Pay” through my bank though. I was NOT a happy camper.


Oh, my first thoughts this morning when I heard the brave Taliban attacked and killed a bunch of kids: Fuck the Taliban. Fuck all Muslims. Fuck Mohammed. Fuck Allah. Any belief that promotes killing kids needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth. If you Taliban Pussies want to take on someone, come see me and my friends. We’ll fuck you up so bad even your afterlife virgins won’t have anything to do with you.

MCARC 10-meter net went well but short tonight. Only 4 of us checked in. Ah well.

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