Dang Dog Bit Me Yesterday!

Been “playing” with WorldEditor (WED) and X-Plane these past couple of days; trying to make the Bremerton Airport (KPWT) more “realistic.” Well, I don’t know how “realistic” it looks, but it now has the approximate shaped buildings in the approximate positions and a couple of parked Airplanes and such. Started X-Plane so many times that I finally had to reboot cause everyting was running too slow.


But, it seems I pretty much need to reboot Linux every couple of day anyway cause it gets to lagging so much I get frustrated at the waiting. Windows was pretty much the same way too; so I really don’t have anything to bitch about.

Been spending a lot of time reading. In the past week I’ve pretty much read a book a day. Just got back into a reading mood. Still working my way through Anne McCaffrey but will probably switch to King or Koontz or Clancey here real soon.

Not much going on around here. Been mostly too wet (way wet) to get out for more than a 10-minute walk. And I don’t want to get out in it because my damned cold keeps hanging on. About get my chores done and I’m pooped. (I miss summer!)


The Dog: he and I were playing with his ball when he rolled it under SWMBO’s “Lost All Hope Chest” in the big room. When I reached under to get it he freaked out and attacked my hand and when I jerked it back out of his way he went for my face. Got part of my ear. Bled like a stuck pig. I’ve never seen him this violent.

I wapped him (out of pain), asked him “Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?” Then BD’d him. He knows once he gets called a Bad Dog that means no cookie when I go to bed. Poor him. I’m the one with the freakin’ bandaid on my ear. Little fucker takes his ball serious!


Anywho, in case y’all were wondering: that’s pretty much it. It’s getting pretty windy, and nasty, outside. SWMBO is going to take me to the Mexican Restaurnt tomorrow when she gets home from the Genealogy Library tomorrow and I’m abou tto hit the rack and read a bit.

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Wasn’t Going To Post Today

But it’s still early enough to do so. But I really wasn’t going to post because I’m still slightly pissed from this morning. Damn, I Hate Driving To Seattle. Especially In “Rush Hour.” Which it ain’t.


SWMBO did her usual farting around this morning and missed the Ferry. So she calls me (I was on the way home) to come get her and take her to Seattle. She is quite lucky I love her more than I hate driving in Seattle and it was her first day on the new (full-time) job! So she got dropped off 20 minutes later than she was supposed to be there and I finally got back home about 1000 with a gas tank on fumes. I had to pee!!!

So, recuperated awhile before pouring the remaining gas from the gas can into my tank (about a gallon) and went to town and filled up. Dropped the Renter’s check off at the Bank. Stopped by Safeway for milk (2 donuts & a bag of bagels).


Finally got to take a shower about 1500. Thank Goodness! Danged cold and partially wet today outside. I actually turned the heater on for a bit this afternoon. Damn!

Picked SWMBO up this evening. Stopped at Safeway for some stuff she needed. Got home and tuned in to the MCARC 10-meter Chat Net but no one was there. N7YGE answered me when I called out to see if anyone was listening and we talked awhile. Didn’t hear anyone else though.


And that is about it for tonight. Think I’ll watch the last episode of CNN’s The Sixties and go to bed.

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