I’m Turning Into A Sour Puss Old Man!

At least when I listen to the News. The things people worry about. I don’t care if it would have been then 5th birthday of that kid hit by a drunk driver 4 years ago. I don’t care that the schools were weighing their kids and telling them they’re fat.  Which, btw, sounded like a good idea to me because today’s Parents won’t tell their kids they’re fat. Might hurt their feelings or self esteem. Well, I say let them get fat and fatter and shorten their lives by 30 or 40 years. It’s just that much less time the “public” will have to pay to take care of them.

Worried about your kid becoming a couch potato? Take their damned iPhones, iPad’s, and computers away from them and make them go outside and play.  Oh, no! Can’t do that! How would they stay in contact with their friends? Hmmm. Maybe walk their asses over to their friends house for awhile? Hmmm.

Sorry. News sets me off. I just cannot believe the things people stress over. Somehow we’ve raised a generation of wimps and weenies who are passing it on to their kids and pretty soon we’re going to “PC” ourselves into extinction. Whatever happened to “get over it and move on?” Man-up and move out!

And, I just don’t have as much sympathy for folks anymore. I guess I’ve had enough troubles of my own. There are larger issues in the world than your kid being bullied. (BTW, have you considered teaching your kid to fight? Or at least to ignore bullies? I found early that it was worth the black eye to let a bully know I wasn’t sitting still for it. But I’m old school…)

Pretty much SSDD today. Turned the electricity off to the gfi’s in the kitchen and re-ran some of the wires then re-wired the gfi’s. Got a board in place to attach drywall to. Traced the water pipe and now have to open up the basement ceiling to see how I can extend it to the place the fridge is now sitting. (I Miss Ice!) Tomorrow I’ll finish cleaning up the mess.

Well, are y’all ready to impeach NObama after this latest round of telling lies to the American Public? Sure, you can keep your present health insurance or doctor! No? Didn’t think so. Guess the Gators gotta be chewing on your ass before you’ll do anything to save yourselves.

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