Thoughts For A Tuesday Morning

Normally, I’m a big privacy advocate. Normally. Yet I allow
Google to track my every move. Started doing this so I could go
back after a trip and document where the heck I’d been. The latest
for Nov is:

Cities: 2 Places: 11 (2 new) 235 miles 9 hours

In a whole month! But, does that bode well for Me
following, or showing a complete utter disregard for, quarantine
restrictions? I mean, honestly, my traveling life hasn’t changed
much even with edicts from on high. I still get oot & aboot as
required. Guess I’m (normally) not a traveling man.

Just noticed tho, that Google completely missed a
couple of trips to Shelton. Hmmm. Does that mean that Google is
somewhat remiss and not perfect in their surveillance? Or did my
stealth Ninja skills finally kick in? Which would be fantastic for
certain gym showers, but not really much use in every day life.

Ciicking on “See all visited places” brings up:

Yep! That's all of them!

Obviously not just November 2020. But when I
select Nov 2020:

Which ain’t completely right. I know SWMBO and I
have made a couple of trips to Shelton. We like the Walmart there.
And Sister’s Restaurant. I remember seeing the “How was Sister’s
Restaurant” prompts on my phone.But I don’t remember any “How was
your finger wave?” prompts after visiting my butt-Doc in
Silverdale. Nor a “How is your freakin’ heart?” question after the
chemical stress test. (The red dot in Silverdale is for Lowe’s.
Haven’t been to that Lowe’s in months.)

So, I guess the technology isn’t perfect. Yet. I
think I’ll turn this crap off until we go on another trip though.

One day, we’ll be sitting in the Mall and our phone
will beep at us. When we look at it there’ll be a prompt that says
“Rate the Blond in the blue mini-skirt?” You just watch and see.

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