Power Went Out Around Midnight

Which turned out to be a planned outage, but we didn’t know about it. So, after I’d had a couple of hours sleep I suddenly woke up thinking I CAN’T BREATHE when my CPAP quit working. Looked out the window and the only lights I saw were the solar lights I have in the yard. Cool! Quiet! Went back to sleep until 0430 when the power came back on. Woke up long enough to put that machine back on.

How The West Was Won

So, of course, I wake with a headache this morning. And slept in until 0600 too so I missed my morning smooch from SWMBO. Really just been taking it fairly easy and not exerting myself most of the day. Damned headache. It’s almost nice outside too. Some sun before the rain moves back in tonight. Oh, Joy.

Took the dog for a walk around the back 40 then did some small jobs outside that I’ve been meaning to do. Nothing real strenuous but enough to get my blood moving. Seemed to help with the headache only as long as I was moving around.


For some reason, my reception was for shit on the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net tonight. Everyone had a buzz so bad it was hard to understand them. They all said I had a good signal though. Could be the Sun causing problems?

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