Just Waiting On The Weather.

Supposed to snow quite a bit tonight. "They" say 4"-6" inches in the Seattle area. Which means 8"-10" out here. IF it happens. I don’t believe the TV weather persons know what the heck they’re talking about.

Yesterday it was supposed to snow for a bit of the morning then turn to rain for the afternoon then clear up. Every time I looked outside it seemed to be snowing. Only dropped about 1/2 inch though. Did clear up and got COLD overnight.

Talked to JA9PPH in Japan the other night. He contacted me on Echolink. Was a nice conversation.

Not much else going on around here. Really too cold to get out much. I need to take my digger down the road and smooth it out some from where someone dumped a lot of gravel but left it all lumpy. Really rocks the truck when I go to check mail. Its only a 1/2 mile to where the work needs to be done; but that seems like a long way when you’re going only 2 miles an hour! :-D

Starting (re-starting?) my studies for the General Ham ticket. Making flash cards of the stuff I don’t really understand. I should have a LOT of cards made by the time I finish this. Ah well. Looking forward to using PSK31 on the 20-meter band and making some contacts that way.


Anywho, just waiting on the weather…

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