Damn & Double Damn!

I’ve read the ARRL Study Manual for the General license; highlighted all the "important" parts and am re-reading it when ever I can, and I’m still failing those damned practice tests on QRZ.com. !?!?! I’ll pass 2 or three (with good scores) then fail the next 2. I’ll fail 1 or 2 then pass 3 in a row. Sometimes I’ll even miss questions that I answered correctly before. I just don’t know. I’m beginning to think that I’m not going to be ready for the actual test this Saturday. But I’ll probably take it anyway "just in case" I get one of the tests that I know most of the answers. Finally learned Ohm’s Law though. It’s things like capacitors, inductance, reactance and how many volts across a connection in a diode that’s kicking my butt!

Not much else going on. Weather is warming up some. It might snow some tonight then turn to rain tomorrow. Cool. I’d prefer the snow over the rain. This "La Nina" isn’t turning out (for us in the NW) like "everyone" said it probably would.

Thinking of selling my Digger and getting a smaller tractor with a snow plow on the front. We’ll see.

I’m ready for summer!

Hope I won the Mega-Lotto tonight. Ought to go and check.

Reformatted the drives in my NAS to RAID (3? Where it automatically mirrors.) last night and started copying all the files back to it. Been going over 24 hours and its only half way through. Phew!

10-meter chat net was okay tonight. I could hear only 3 of the 7 people that checked in. Gotta get a better antenna! Got into it late ’cause I was busy failing those practice tests!bullet

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