Well, Anywho, This Are Pretty Normal…

Around here. Weather is going to be pretty good (for me) today and I am looking forward to that. Our Realtor is stopping by around 1400 to see what we’ve been doing with the place. Lot’s of "straightening up" going on!

SWMBO has gone crazy buying me tools to get my woodshop together and producing. She picked out a set of bookshelves she wants me to build for her room. So I’m trying to fast track my re-education in woodworking. Getting several different types of joints down pat. Cool!

Having fun playing with my Blackberry. Downloaded a video-to-3gp program from DVDVideoSoft (they have some of the best FREE programs to convert things!) and am converting some of my movies/tv shows to .mp4 files and they show great on the Blackberry. Small but watchable if we were out on a trip somewhere (or I was waiting somewhere) and I got bored.

Also put some of my favorite music on it and find myself listening more to my music than I have in the past several years. It’s nice to put the earbuds in and listen to "In-a-godda-da-vida" or "Happy Trails" (Quicksilver Messenger Service) while doing things around the house or in the basement.

Sorry, Folks, there just ain’t much going on.

Oh, bought me a laptop and it should be here in the next few days. Compaq Preserio 2.1Ghz 15.6" screen system that I’ll use to go over to a friends house with high speed Internet and download Smallville & Supernatural & Fringe when the new season starts. Cost only $389.99 (which took forever for me to save up). Oh, it has 3Gig RAM but only a 160G hard drive. I can always get a larger hard drive. I’m trying to figure out if it will replace this POS Intel desktop system I have or not. There is a good possibility of me doing that. I will never knowingly buy another Intel desktop. They’ve been filed in the same POS category as Iomega (who I will Never buy anything from again).

Sure will be glad when they get cable tv out here. Just for the Internet access. Most times I use my phone to download something I get 2-6kb with occasional spikes to 32kb download speeds. That Sucks! Especially when you’re used to way much higher cable speeds. That’s why I’ll be going over to a friends house to download stuff. He’s got like a 2.5MB download speed at his place. Cool!

Anywho, that’s it from around here.

Desert Storm 1990/1

Old post but haven’t been able to post until now. Not much has changed. Still SSDD around here.

New laptop is working out great. Use it to convert our movies and tv shows to avi. Over at a friends house downloading updates and things. Later!

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