STILL Waiting On The Snow…

Sometimes (well, most times) I think these weather persons on tv haven’t a clue. But then I realize that what they say will probably happen DOES happen over Seattle way. We might as well be in a completely foreign weather area. Wind storm did come through yesterday and we did lose the power for about 2 hours. SWMBO and I started up a couple of our bottled gas lamps (bright little suckers!) and read for awhile. Was nice. Power finally came back on and mostly stayed on for the rest of the night. Flickered a couple of times enough to reset the MediaServer (which I really have to get a UPS for!).

Not much else going on. Still waiting on the Snow that’s supposed to fall around here tonight and tomorrow. Phil & I went out to the property today and cut another truckbed full of wood for him. Was nice out there.

Listening to the news lately one has to wonder What The Hell Is Wrong With Those UAW Assholes?! Guess them saying that they’d do anything to help the current financial crisis get better was a load of crap. This not being willing to take a pay cut to help their companies out really sucks. What they’ve done for me is make me decide that I will never (I really mean never) buy another car from any of the "Big 3" nor any vehicle where the UAW is involved. The Toyota Tundra is looking pretty good. I think everyone ought to let the UAW and the "Big 3" know how much this sucks. I really hope they do not get the bailout funds. But it looks like Prez Bush is going to approve the "loan" anyway. Dickhead.

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Hey! Just looked out the window and it’s actually snowing our there. Cool. Now to see how much we get. SWMBO wants enough to fall that they’ll cancel church tomorrow but not enough to stop her from singing in the Christmas show in the same building tomorrow evening. ???

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