Damn It’s Cold Around Here!

It really did snow here last Friday night. Started snowing around 2000 or so and by the time I went to bed (around 2300) the snow was piled just over 2nd knuckle deep on the back of my truck. Cool! But quite a bit of it was gone by Saturday morning and the rest turned to ice. And, so far, it’s remained ice. Damned difficult driving on some of these back roads. I really like my 4-wheel drive though.

Not much else going on around here. Just trying to stay warm. According to the news folks this is the coldest weather (or coldest run of weather) we’ve had up here since 1990. The year 1990; not the hour. :grin: I seem to remember an inch thick layer of ice over everything (and I mean everything) winter 1996. Hmmm. Supposed to start snowing again tomorrow evening. We’ll see. Keeping the woodstove filled is getting to be a real pain in the butt! Especially from bedtime until I get up between 0530-0630.

News says that President Bush is going to make the bailout to the Big 3. Again I have mixed feelings. Or still. I hope he forces the UAW workers/members to take a pay cut and the companies to do some major restructuring before they get a cent. Probably not though. I’m still anti-UAW though. Assholes. I think I’ll set up a new poll: Do we still need Unions?

Oh yeah. Ordered a new video card for my computer the other night. GeForce 9500 with 2 hdmi & 1 s-video output. Should be here by the 19th. I hope. Should make my flight sims look/work better (which is really the reason I bought it). And I figure when I upgrade my computer again I can turn this one into the MediaServer and use that hdmi or s-video output on whatever tv we wind up buying.


Been watching the Star Trek movies with Phil on Wednesdays & Saturdays. Kind of nice seeing them all again. Still haven’t managed to get on the schedule of “classes” I set up last week though so I’m lucky if I get anything done. Started to yesterday then Phil showed up (unannounced) and asked me to help him get some wood from a neighbors house to his house. That took an hour.


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Let’s see how well that works.

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