Big Three Bailout?

Why don’t they call it what it will be? "Big Three Give-Out" will be more like it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. One the one hand I’m totally against it. I think if the "Big 3" didn’t pay their workers so much and gave us a product we wanted to buy at a price we could afford they’d do better financially. On the other hand: if we don’t "Give-Out" them then all the suppliers (and suppliers of suppliers) on down the chain could go bankrupt and out of business.

The other thing is: They (The Big 3) say they’ll pay us back. How? If they’re not making money where will the money come from to pay us back? They’ll either raise their prices; in which case we’re giving them the money to pay us back. Or they’ll lower their prices and give everyone that buys a vehicle from them a ’discount’; in which case they still won’t be making enough money to stay in business.

And the last thing about it is: the spokespersons for the Big 3, while talking to Congress, said they’d start making more hybrid type vehicles and vehicles that have much better gas mileage. What! If they can, then why haven’t they? Why did they wait for an "emergency" before doing all this?

Not much going on around here lately. Weather’s been crappy even though it’s been mostly sunny. Too cold for me.

QuantumOfSolace-trailer2 4138

SWMBO and I went to see "Quantum Of Solace" at the Galaxy Theater last Friday morning. We were the only two in the theater! Cool. Movie was pretty good except the action sequences seemed to move too fast. Maybe I’m just getting old. I really do like Daniel Craig as Bond though. I think he’s the best Bond there’s been (and I’ve seen them all). We made the mistake of buying 2 soda’s and a bucket of popcorn: $17.00! That’s more than it cost the two of us to get in! Damn! Time to switch to my winter coat! :grin:

Saturday I took Phil & Matt out to the property to cut a truckload of wood for Phil. Was fun and it really wasn’t too bad weatherwise. Phil, whose 76 years old, mentioned (in our talks) that he really liked the Star Trek Movie he saw a few years ago. I mentioned that I had all of them and he was welcome to come over sometime and we’d start watching them. He was flabbergasted that there was more than the one!

Finally sat down and made myself a schedule of ’classes’ for the things I want to learn. Looks good. Now if I can just get off my ass enough to actually follow the schedule I may learn something. My big problem, being semi-retired, is that I have no idea what I’m going to do until I do it. IF I do it. So I don’t get anything done. I’m hoping to change that.

Did spend most of last evening working on the MediaServer. Again. That new video card came in; ATI. Damn! I just could not get the installation program to recognize the video card no matter what I tried. Even got online with the MS site and tried all their suggestions. Couldn’t get back to a simple VGA video driver. Wound up completely reinstalling Windows XP (Again!) and still couldn’t get the installation program to recognize the new video card. So I wound up reinstalling the old video card and driver. And, wouldn’t you know it, it works great. Damn! All I can figure is that the previous two video drivers didn’t completely uninstall and it was conflicting with the driver for the card which would make the screen go blank or freeze up. All I know is that I’m damned sick and tired of playing with this thing!

Snow in the forecast for Saturday. Maybe I’ll go to the property…

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