Damn Mason County Anyway!


SWMBO and I drove to the Building Dept for Mason County in Shelton yesterday and she spent a good couple of hours sitting with the lady there and filling out the paperwork for our new Building Permit. She was told that we’d get a refund of our last fee for the old building permit when we turned it in (thursday in Belfair). Well, she (the lady at the Building Dept) just called a few minutes ago and said that because we were beyond 180 days from the lapse of the old building permit that we would NOT get a refund. And, of course, they don’t say anything about any of this until well after the 180 day mark. (SOP?) Pricks. We’re paying for services (inspections) that we did not require. That just seems wrong to me. It also seems like a scam.

Needless to say, I’m pissed and am going to find out who up the chain of command I can complain to AND what newspapers are in Mason County that I can write a letter about the Building Dept to. I’m wondering who’s (personal) pockets it’s going in to? But I know if I say anything or make too big a fuss they’ll make it even harder to get a new building permit. Sometimes this one department has me ready to sell the land and look somewhere else to live. If I could afford it I’d hire a lawyer and take them to court.

OTT, just plain out not much going on. We did make the drive to Shelton yesterday and it was a lot of fun being out and about with SWMBO. The drive out and back is really pretty. We stopped at a roadside burger joint and had a great burger on the way back.

SWMBO went into the office today and I, thinking that I’d need gas to go to Belfair tomorrow, went to COSTCO and got gas for $1.64/gal. You read that right: $1.64 a gallon! Daymn! Put 15.someodd gallons in my truck for less than $25. Daymn! Had to renew our COSTCO membership though…

Still learning music and playing around with the Fruity Loops program. Still have a pile of pictures to scan. Still converting my movies, etc to video files. Still working on that damned MediaServer! Finally ordered a cheap video card that outputs composite video ($21 @ Tiger Direct) and am waiting for it to come in. Will be glad to get away from that ATI POS driver! Spent a couple of hours last night setting up SWMBO’s Zune so it will automatically sync when plugged into the MediaServer. Seems to work okay. Even got it to sync wirelessly. Cool!

Error I Get In X-Plane!

This is the error I get in X-Plane. 2.5ghz, 1g ram. Guess I gotta get a better video card.

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