Meeting With General Contractor

Had a two hour meeting with the General Contractor around noon today to talk about "details." We went over the plans with a fine tooth comb. Not really, but we did go over the plans pretty good. I just know that when they left they shook their heads and muttered about another "owner wanting to be as involved as possible!" :grin:

Not much else going on. Except my computer went tits-up while we were having the meeting. The power supply quit working. Completely. So I took it out and went to Motherboard, Etc in Gorst and had them test it. Yep, dead. So I bought a new one ($50), drove on back home and put it in. Everything started up but (and this is a Big But) Nothing came up on screen. No POST or anything. No Beeps. No Nuttin. Guess when the power supply went out it took the cpu with it. (SWMBO calls it a murder/suicide.)

Damn! So, I had an older computer sitting in the back room but didn’t have a memory module that would fit. So I took it to Motherboard, Etc and we put in a memory module, started it up and it worked fine. Bought 2- 512mb modules ($90), drove on home and have spent the last 4 hours getting everything to work. This computer is only a 1.8 ghz system (slower than my last computer), but, it works. But y’all know XP; de-installing and installing motherboard drivers, sound drivers, lan drivers, video drivers, etc is a pain! And I had an ’extra’ 250 gig drive just laying around not doing anything (sort of like a teenager) so I thought I’d replace my 200 gig Data drive with it. That’s turned into a hassle. Slow! But it is getting done… I did get smart and put the new power supply in though…8-)

Hey, we finally had a lot of rain around here since about 2100 last night. Not much wind here in Olalla but the news has been talking about some minor wind damage and some flooding in the Seattle area. Cascade Mountains were supposed to get a lot also so I guess I ought to go out to the property tomorrow and check out my drainage.

Except I’m supposed to do my annual supply of chili tomorrow. Hmmm. Will have to work that out.

Can you guess what movie this is from?

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