Middle Of The Month Already?

Damn! Where does the time go? Seems only a couple of weeks ago it was Nov 1st. :grin:

Most of the day Thursday was spent cooking and canning my chili. Did 34 pints and still had a pot left over for the Chili Cook Off. Took most of the day though. Finished up just before Smallville was due to come on. For some reason this batch of chili tastes kind of bland but has a definite after bite. Wonder what I forgot?…

Got up yesterday and cooked SWMBO breakfast since I’ve spent way too much money this week. Bacon, eggs and Hash Browns. Yummy. Spent most of the day cleaning up the place and working on MY computer. The 1.5 ghz system was just too damned slow for me. I started converting 8 episodes of Addams Family to avi yesterday and it took 20 HOURS! Daymn! My regular system would have done them in 3 hours.

So I thought I’d plug my system in and see if I couldn’t fix it. Desperation, you know. So I made sure everything was tight and in place, plugged it in, turned it on and, low and behold, it worked. Cool! So, I thought "Why not rebuild Windows and move my data over and start out with a completely new install?" I was about half way through doing that when I tried burning a dvd on the 1.5 ghz system and it crashed out. Twice. That was enough for me so I moved my drives back into my system, uninstalled the ATI drivers, reinstalled the Nvidia drivers and it’s been working since. Cool! I know its working fine cause I set it to convert 5 movies to avi before going to bed last night and they were just finishing up when I got up this morning. Yeah, this system is only 2.5 ghz with the dual core but it is SO much better than that 1.5 single core system!

The Chili Cookoff itself was okay. Too many kids showed up. Tried a bit out of every pot of chili (about 10) but didn’t find any that was better than mine. My pot was almost empty when we left. Lots of folks said they liked it. We left before the end of it so I don’t know who "won" but I doubt it was me. Every year my pot of chili gets eaten up but I never ’win." ??? Not that I do it to win anything! :lol:

It’s early so there’s not much going on. Thinking about going to the property and starting a fire today.


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