Gas For $1.89!

At COSTCO. And not too far out of the way. Too Cool! Cost about $20 for 3/4 tank. Then did some running around and went out to the property for awhile. Being lazy and watching the remake of "The Andromeda Strain" now. It’s been fairly interesting so far.

Haven’t been doing too much as I’ve had a sore throat with the accompanying weakness feeling. Started last Saturday afternoon and has pretty much been constant since. Weakness/Nausea comes and goes but I do think it’s getting better.

OTT, just not much else going on. Got my computer working. Been playing with the other one I put together. Still trying to learn to read music (online and with Phillip). Still doing time-lapse movies of clouds and trying to make my own music for them. Still trying to learn MySQL and PHP and CSS and Flash and HTML and Photoshop and still have a BUTT-TON of pictures and stuff to scan and get on disc. Still ripping our DVD’s and converting them to .avi files. Still running out of room on the hard drives I store them on.

Still just SSDD around here.


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