GDMFSOBCS Asshole Thieves!

About a year ago I dug a trench from the future dome site down the hill through the woods to put in power, water, tv & phone cables. About 600 feet with 200 to go to finish. Didn’t dig across or down my ’driveway’ cause I still needed to get up and down the road. Ran short of water line (which was good at the time) but still had 400 feet of tv & phone cables so I just left the rolls in the trench.

What’s the point? Some Asshole Bastard thief took what was left of the rolls of tv & phone cables. Aaargh! I wish I had caught them stealing it. Aaargh! Bastards! I’m getting to the point that I just hate people. You can be damned sure that when we start to build I’ll be sleeping out there guarding all the ’stuff’ the construction crew leaves behind every day. And I’m going to have a shotgun by then…

OTT, not much going on. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the weather persons have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. We’re supposed to be in the middle of another bout of heavy rain (with wind this time) but out at the property it was barely a misty rain. Cold though. Drainage is doing fine. Oops, weather person is saying the storm will start tonight. Guess I ought to make sure the generator runs…

Had my first music lesson with Phillip yesterday and did learn some things I didn’t know. Which is why I’m taking music lessons in the first place. Been ’playing’ with the Fruity Loops program (like I said before). Frustrating. I get an idea for some music while trying to learn the program but can’t get very far on it cause I’m still learning the program. Yes, I want to know it but I want to know it now! :grin:

Veteran’s Day today. Whoopie. To me it just means that Netflix will be delayed. I’ve been ’retired’ from the Navy since May 1991 and being a Veteran hasn’t done anything FOR me. Sometimes I still wonder why the hell I gave 20 years for all the crap I’m putting up with now. Not counting the Asshole Thieves. America hasn’t gotten any better in the past 17 years or so…

Which brings to mind all the life-extending technologies/treatments that Scientists are working on. I’m all for extending my life; I wouldn’t mind living another 500+ years. But what kind of life would it be? I keep seeing a "Soylent Green" type of future coming about. Not that we’d wind up eating dead folks; but the crowding and poverty. As much as I’d like to see the "Star Trek" type of future come about I just can’t see it happening. Mostly because of the Assholes out there. We need Mean Aliens to discover Earth. But I doubt even that would bring us all together working towards a common goal; survival.

One good thing about my memory being so crappy nowadays: All the books I’ve had for 30-40 years are like reading new books. My Sci-Fi collection of hardbacks, which I have had some of for almost 40 years, are almost forgotten now. Used to be I knew if I read a book and generally what it was about. Now I look at my collection and know that I’ve read every one of them but cannot remember what most of them are about. My real favorites (The Stand, Swan Song, Stranger in a Strange Land and a bunch of others) I remember probably because I’ve re-read them many times. But those that I read only once or twice are coming up blank. Bummer!

Playing With Terragen

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