Damned Christmas Commercials!!

Already! Not even Thanksgiving and they’re already showing damned Christmas Commercials. Not only that, but the first one I saw (several days ago) was by those Male Enhancement people. Damn! What happened to definite Holiday times? I hate Christmas commercials anyway; but to get them well before Thanksgiving. Pricks!

There’s just not much going on lately. Got out to the property the other day to make sure my drainage is doing okay this year and my roads not washing away. It is and it’s not. Great! We did get a LOT of rain this past week with more on the way. Good. I hope we get most of the wet weather over and done with early this year. I don’t mind the cold as much as the wet-cold. Brrr. And we need more clear nights so I can use my new Telescope more often.

Been trying to learn that Fruity Loops program. I like it! Course, I know next to nothing about ’making music’ and notes and stuff. But I know what sounds good to me. It’s kind of fun just messing around with making different sounds and learning what the program will do. Does a lot more than that Magix Music Maker (which I still like) but you have to (should) know more about music.

Will probably be making my years supply of chili this Thursday. SWMBO kinda sorta entered me in the church’s chili contest this coming Friday so I might as well do the years worth. Ought to be fun!

Anywho, that’s it from OlallaLand.


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