Things That Bother Me…

We went to the movie last Friday night and saw "The Golden Compass". Before the picture they have what used to be called "The 20". This is 20 minutes of commercials that they take commercial breaks from to show us other commercials. The commercials that bother me the most are the Television commercials. Hey, Theaters! If I wanted to see Television commercials I’d have stayed home and watched Television! What part of this is hard to understand? I swear; every time I go to a movie I get one step closer to never going to a theater again. Not only do I have to put up with tv commercials their gheedunk too expensive. And I won’t even get into the ass sitting somewhere near me that doesn’t understand SHUT THE HELL UP or didn’t see the 47 notices to TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF NOW, dipshit.

I love the Discovery Channel. And the History Channel. And the Science Channel. And the National Geographic Channel. But sometimes they really crack me up. MEGA-DISASTERS is the latest. Seems that if I’m not fried by a Mega-Gamma Ray Burst I’m going to drown in the Mega-Flood from the Mega-Tsunami. If the Mega-Tornado leaves anything of me after the Mega-Quake. Both of which will probably be a result of the Mega-Asteroid impact that helps to restart the Mega-Volcano in Yellowstone Park. Assuming I haven’t already died of the Mega-Disease that’s going to decimate the world or our Sun Going Nova. But what will probably take us ALL out is us killing ourselves because "Ice Road Truckers" is the most interesting thing on tv some night and we’ve seen all the movies in our collections too many times to bother.

I just love the way they word things in these programs too. This COULD happen… This COULD kill you… IF this happened… This WILL happen IF… Well, DUH! I’m glad I’m not one of those people that sit at home watching these programs then rush out to keep watch for the Mega-Flood/Tsunami/Asteroid etc, etc. I could be a nervous wreck! I have enough with wondering which of my kids is going to show up at the door needing a place to stay ’for awhile.’ Yeah, sure. Figure those odds then run right out and bet on NOT!

Not much going on around the old homestead. Keeping the place clean and the woodstove full. SWMBO’s off to the office today so I think I’ll sit around in my underwear, scratch my ass, sniff my finger and NOT wash my hands. Oh, speaking of washing. Washed the dog today. He seems to really enjoy the top-loading washer but just can’t get the hang of the front-loading dryer.:-P

Wonder Woman!

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