More Things That Bother Me…

Billy Mayes(sp?). Well, not specifically Billy Mayes, even if it seems he’s always yelling at me, but those kind of commercials. It bugs me how they portray anyone not using their product as totally clumsy, incompetent and just plain stupid. People just aren’t (usually) going to be that physically challenged emptying their vacuum or cutting a tomato. Or any of a dozen other activities. But, no, if you aren’t using their product you’re a total dweeb! I hate that! You want to sell me something? Then show me how your product is better without showing me how stupid I am. Even if I am. Which I’m not. But don’t get me started…

Not much going on around here. I could not get to sleep last night. Have a cold. Took a sudafed a couple of hours before bedtime. Didn’t work. If I wasn’t awake trying not to drown in my own snot I was awake with a sore throat from breathing through my mouth. Finally about 0330 I just got up. Watched tv until about 0630 when I could barely hold my eyes open and went back to bed. Slept until about noon.

Just been lazying around the house with my ever-present roll of paper towels. I could open my own snot factory! Sneezing. Coughing. Stuffy head. Gad! I sound like a commercial myself!

It’s been raining off and on all afternoon. Sometimes raining hard!! I have mixed feelings. I’ve lived up here so long I really hate the rain now. But if all that came down as snow this area would be in real trouble! But I’d almost rather see it snow than rain. Won’t want to see either once I get my digger back out to the property.:grin:

Rains a lot up here in Warshington.

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