Damned Stuped Drivers!

It started snowing around noon today. I had to make a run into town for some things and decided to go on out to the property and take some pictures of it. The closer I got to Belfair, WA the more it was snowing. The higher I got up the hills the harder it was snowing. Cool! It was really nice out at the property. Snowing pretty good. Took some pictures, got cold and left. Stayed in 4×4 high all the way back. Was going around this one S-Curve when the two vehicles in front of me slid off into a ditch. I stopped to see if they were okay and thanked them for showing me where the slippery spot was. On the way back this bright purple Firebird waited until I was about 20 feet from the intersection before pulling out in front of me. I barely missed him! Damned Fool Driver! And there’s a bunch of them out there! People driving like it is warm and sunny instead of snowing. Idiots!

You can see the pictures of today’s snow at our property here. Took some video also but haven’t got it on my computer yet.

So I made Chili-Mac tonight.

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