How To Be A Better Blogger!

I bet I’ve read 20 articles tonight on "How to be a better blogger." For me, boiled down and distilled to the bare components, these articles ALL promote ’sameness’. Sure, more readers or more MONEY would be nice; but don’t all the sites and blogs look the same now? Where’s the ’individuality’ or uniqueness of everyone following the same steps or using the same headlines and referencing each others content? Yes, my headlines are boring. My content personal. My two little ads my attempt to make some money. But I think my blog is one of the very few out there that chronicles the everyday life we all lead. A hundred years from now all the "How To.." and "You Can.." articles will be forgotten or severely outdated. But I seriously believe that someday, somewhere, sometime a "Blog Historian" will discover my day to day "This Is Really My Life" blog and go "Cool! Did these people really live like that? What’s a DVD?"

And, really, when I stop and think about it, I don’t care if this blog is read by anyone or not. Isn’t THAT strange! I do this because I want to and there really isn’t anyone else I’m trying to make happy with it. Don’t get me wrong; readers are welcomed. But I’m not going out looking for you. I started a blog called Redneck Mormon that I used to comment on the stupid things I read in the news. I was hoping to gather a ’following’ I think, and it was a space to "spout off" (cause I AM a redneck). In 3 years I got 2 (TWO!) comments. Two! Finally figured that either I’m just not being read or I’m just not that interesting. Plus I wasn’t really a regular poster. Glad the blog was free! So Redneck Mormon is about to go the way of the Dodo Bird, RC Cola and Windows 3.1.

And if any one is reading this a hundred years from now: I’m leaving a sample of my DNA and if you’ll clone me and IF I remember anything I’ll be glad to tell you stories of "the olden times"….


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