Snow to Rain to Wind & Rain…

Started snowing pretty good early this morning; but it’s all turned to rain now. Bummer! The weather is supposed to get much worse over the next day or so too. Bummer! Guess I’ll have to get off my ass and make sure I have enough gas for the generator and give it a test run today. I grew up mostly in Southern California or in the Southern States and, if not hated, never had any really good feelings about snow. But I have lived up here so long, and it has rained so much, that I prefer snow to rain any day. Might feel differently if I had a ’regular’ job and had to drive in it everyday.

Sometimes men have the strangest requests!

Not much else going on. Normal first Sunday of the month. Think I’ll make a roast for dinner. Get some dishes and laundry done. Maybe.:-P

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