Wow! What A Storm We Had Last Night!

We got more thunder and lightning last night than we’ve had in the past 10 years! It was COOL! Tried to video it but my damned lousy camera wasn’t up to the task. Got some of the thunder but I don’t see any of the lightning flashes.

My brother-in-law, Robert, showed up sometime EARLY this morning. He’s going to be staying with us for awhile.

Not much else going on. It hasn’t been raining but is plenty cloudy. Was thinking about going out to the property and doing ’flood control’ but can’t really see the point. It’ll be muddy and I wouldn’t get anything else done. So I stayed home today and re-stacked the wood I’ve already cut to get it ready for splitting.

Right now I’m taking a break and watching "The Bourne Identity". Just finished the "Bourne Ultimatum". The books are nothing like the movies. Liked them both though.

Remember The Old PCBoard BBS System?

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