Inexpensive Dinner & Shopping Friday!

What did you expect? It’s Friday! And other than getting to go on a date with my SWMBO not much going on.


We have a habit of putting out some peanuts on a tree stump at the back of our property when we go for a tour of the grounds. Today I setup my camera and just let it video (can’t really say “film” anymore) to see what eats the peanuts. About 2 hours later when we went to check the peanuts were still there; so I guess nothing eats them! Smile But, then, where do they go?


Woke up before the alarm then went back about 0930 and (accidently) took a short 10-minute nap. So I’ve had a pretty lazy day today.

But the sun was mostly out and I did get to spend some time outside. Felt great! Should have another day like it before the rain starts again. IF you can believe the weatherperson…


MC-ARC Meeting @ 0830 tomorrow in Shelton. No changes to the Club’s financial status to report.

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I *HATE* Waking With A Headache!

It just blows my whole day! At least it’s only the right side of my brain that throbs when I move too fast. I’m really wondering if the Weather changes bring these headaches on. It’s a nice day (relatively: Sunny & 53 degrees) with rain called for tomorrow and cooler temps next week. Bummer!

Took SWMBO to the Mall in Silverdale for Mall Food today. Two more of the “food stations” (can’t really call them Restaurants) are closed. I liked the Cajun Food place. Ah well. So I had the chicken strips & fries at the sandwich place. Then we walked the mall.

Silverdale Mall

Didn’t help the headache any.

Not much else going on. Watching more of that meteor that blew up in Russia. News lady said it blew up with the force of several atom-bombs. Had to be pretty high up to cause as little damage as it did! Still made a hell of a bang on the ground!

It’s Friday and we ate out so I don’t have to fix dinner tonight. Thank Goodness!

Got this in my e-mail about my ad on Craig’s List for the MILA:

Just wanted to tell you that your description put a smile on my face. I live in Pennsylvania but I check craigslist often in the Olympic Peninsula area because I will be moving there just as soon as I have the nest-egg needed to relocate across the country. I would love to have a place as beautiful as the one you are renting when the time comes. Good luck in finding a great (hopefully quiet) tenant and congratulations on writing the best rental description I’ve read in a long time! (and I read LOTS!) Take care and enjoy that beautiful part of the world! ~ Jill

Cool! Thanks, Jill!

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What The Heck’s Been Going On, Stan? You Ask…

Mostly pretty much SSDD except for the following:

Thurs the 25th the Ham Radio Club I belong to (NMARES) had their annual picnic at the Allyn Waterfront Park. It went really well. About 30 people showed up; members and visitors from the “other” clubs. Burgers were great! I had to be there early to help set up, and stayed until the end to clean up, but it was a beautiful day so I didn’t mind. Besides, the President of the club should stay for it all.


Friday SWMBO and I went to breakfast at the Family Pancake House in Port Orchard and came back home as we really didn’t have much shopping to do. What little we had to get she could get on the way home from the Genealogy Library Saturday. I did wind up going to MacDonald’s for a Chicken Caesar Salad for her for dinner cause I didn’t feel like making anything. Cheeseburger & fries for me!


Saturday I spent all day at the Allyn Waterfront Park providing emergency communications for the annual Rhapsody Bike Ride. Not just me! Hams from Kitsap through Mason back into Thurston Counties set up “command posts” and roving patrols to follow about 300 “bike” riders along the routes. It was fun and boring but nice and sunny and warm. Even got fed!

Early evening SWMBO and I went to Casper’s Pizza & BBQ here in Belfair for dinner. They make a pretty good pizza! I was still pretty much stuffed from being fed at the bike ride so I could eat only half of my “personal sized” pizza. Ah well. The rest of it is sitting in the refer and I’ll probably finish it off tomorrow as I don’t usually have to fix dinner on Monday’s anyway.


Can’t remember much else going on since I last posted. Mostly just been enjoying this great wx: Sunny and HOT for Warshington. Been just sitting out in the sun a lot. Sun & Heat has been great for out “garden” though. I even have tomato’s turning red!

Did “work” South Korea the other night. That was cool!

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