I Feel A Headache Coming On

I do. Haven’t had one in awhile so it is about time. But I still don’t like them. Can’t figure out what’s bringing this one on either. Wx isn’t changing to cold and wet. Haven’t eaten any trigger foods that I can remember. Oh, shit. My Ex- must be thinking about me again! Her and that damned voodoo doll!

b3-2Think I’ll pull the Icom-208H out of the truck, bring it inside, hook it up, and sit here and program it. Gotta be more comfortable than bending into weird positions in the truck. That’ll also let me look up things I forgot to write down; like PL Codes! (Otherwise it was a beautiful list.)

The headache sorta came but was pretty much gong by 1300 or so. Must have been the heat that drove it out! Our thermometer on the deck read 105 degrees at 1300. Phew! I didn’t spend a lot of time outside but did manage to go for several walks around the back of the property. Did just sit outside for awhile earlier trying to decide if the headache was going to come on or not. It wouldn’t make up it’s mind.

Took the Icom-208H out of the truck and hooked it up in my room. Way Much Easier to program from a sitting position! Way Much Easier. I had to look up all the PL codes for the frequencies I wrote down but that really wasn’t a biggie. Sure getting to know the manual that came with the radio!

Also got off my ass and decided on Ubuntu Studio and installed that on my desktop computer. It appears to be working well. Had to learn how to update Grub so Windows would show up on the boot menu. Even learned how to make it boot into Windows automatically instead of booting into Linux. That’s a good thing for now.


So I spent a couple of hours installing stuff in Linux. Ubuntu Studio already has a bunch of programs installed for the things I usually do with my computer; I just had to add other programs to do other things. Like a program to post to my blogs and Thunderbird. I’m going to try to use the Linux equivalents of the programs I use in Windows to do what I do.

And that’s pretty much it. SWMBO made it home safe and has had dinner. We’re settling into our daily routine and it’s about bedtime for this old guy.

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