Not A Bad Day!

Sure, I spent most of the day doing "housework," but the weather was okay (cool but dry) and I got a lot accomplished. Cleaned the kitchen, got 80% of the laundry done and SWMBO made dinner. Cool!

On our Friday Date last Friday we went to see "The Green Hornet." I could have waited for the DVD myself, but we enjoyed it anyway. Had a friend along with us. Hope he had a good time.

Not too much going on around here. Went to the annual meeting of the Gold Mountain Repeater Assoc next to the fair grounds in Silverdale yesterday. Boring. And I didn’t win the raffle either! But the ride was nice even with it sprinkling off and on.

Still studying for my General ticket. Test will be Feb 12th. I think I’ll pass it this time. Would like to get on 20-meters and start making some contacts! Been listening to PSK31 on 20-meters and have seen people from Japan and Russia "typing" back and forth with people all over the U.S. I’d like to get into that.

And that’s about it. Things around the house are pretty much SSDD all the time. I get up, spend a couple of hours browsing the jobs sites, get some house work done, check mail then walk the dog for awhile and not much else. I’ll be glad when hot weather gets back even if we no longer have the other property to escape to for a couple of hours.


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Still Pretty Much SSDD

Made a "new" website/blog for my Ham club. nm7e is now on line and raring to go! No one at the club wanted to pay for a site we could call all our own; so I put us up at all the free sites I thought we might use., YouTube & Flickr. That should cover just about all the bases as far as I can see. I only hope it lasts well beyond me.

Not much gong on around the house. Still doing housework and meals. Laundry yesterday. Still setting up the Planer SWMBO bought me. Walking the dog. Ignoring the cat. Wishing I had fish to piss off.

Playing with Music Creator 4 but just ain’t getting it.

Still studying for my General ticket. I should pass the next test Feb 12th. Thinking about handing out flyers at the local Safeway advertising our Ham Club. Maybe doing something like that would get more people interested in being a Ham in general; and our club in particular. We need more members. (Actually, we need younger members!) Most of the folks in our club are pretty set in their ways and, it seems, tired of passing their knowledge on to the Newbies. But that may be a false perception on my part.

And that’s about it from around here.


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