To Start Off Tonight…

Bill Clinton is getting $12 million for his memoirs. Hillary got $8 million for hers.
That’s $20 million for the memories from two people, who for eight years repeatedly testified, under oath, that they couldn’t remember anything.

So, where we off to next? I supposed I could do the "update" thingie except that I really haven’t been doing that much. Had a nice couple of days, weatherwise, so I, naturally, went to the property and moved dirt. Have about 1/4th the crawl space emptied out. Cool! I just love being out at the property.

Or I could tell you how I laid around mostly yesterday sleeping cause I woke up feeling like warmed over cow puke; but you probably wouldn’t be interested.

Had a meeting with one of the contractors today and we managed to cut almost $50k out of the house budget. Won’t get to put in the radiant heating and will have to change the materials in the wall between the ’house’ and the "shop" but I can live with both decisions. Oh, we’ll have to put a regular roof up also instead of the metal one; but SWMBO can worry about replacing it with my insurance money when I kick off. I really want to get this house built!

Just not much going on. SWMBO took me to FodGathers for pizza (I had the all you can eat salad bar and stole a slice of her pizza) then we walked through the junk store next door and Ace Hardware. Thinking about getting a laser level thingie.

One of my brother-in-laws called last night wanting to talk to his sister but wound up talking to me for a couple of hours last night. (SWMBO was off to the office like she does most Wednesdays.) I wound up buying him a web site ( so maybe he can make some money selling his 3d Max render stuff. Hey, if it doesn’t work I’m out a whole $45 for the year! :grin: Hope he gets it going. I put up a temporary site for him…

The "Great Experiment" seems to be going okay still. I do miss the morning news. Kinda. Been watching CSI and CSI Miami (on dvd) a lot. I supposed I could get off my lazy fat ass and put up a small antenna and watch the morning news; but Seattle may still switch over this month to digital transmissions anyway and I don’t have the converter box nor a digital receiver on my tv. Oh well.

Me & My Ma. About 1954

Let’s see. I don’t believe anything else of non-importance has happened around here. Did I remember to say that I found homes for both of the puppies? Did. They gone. Switched over from Vonage to the MagicJack and that seems to be working well.

No headlines tonight. Busy doing other things.

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