Asked My Wife If I Was The Only One She’d Ever Been With. She Said Yes, All The Others Were 9’s & 10’s.

Don’t know why, but, the last couple of nights I’ve had rather vivid dreams of being in combat. City streets seamlessly intermixed with shipboard warfare and an empty Sick Bay. Lots of D&D and a midget that knew the combination to the lock on the Sick Bay door walking in the street. (The midget; not the door. Nevermind.) Really strange dreams.

Still not a lot going on around here. Some late snow was predicted but we saw nary a flake around our neighborhood. Was uber windy yesterday morning and the trees were really swaying but, of course, it calmed down when I tried to take a video of it. Lost another smallish tree in the back 40.

Bought the ViperJet LXR in X-Plane and took a practice flight in it at the Grand Canyon West airport. Nice. I’m still a propeller/rotor head though.

Landing was a bit hard but not bad for the first. Really thinking of getting the VR setup. May have to buy a new computer though. Not sure this i7 chip can handle it. Think I’d have to give up one (of 3) monitors. It’d be fun though.

Ordered new glasses through COSTCO yesterday. Got a pair that’ll be for monitor/reading WITH the line bifocals and one just for reading the monitor. Less than $200 for both. Then I went and spent another C-note on storage bins and Angus Beef burger patties. ($25 for 18 patties!)

Dump run planned for today. The Joy knows no bounds. Think I’ll BBQ/Grill the hamburger patties (for eventual freeze drying) and re-season my big cast iron skillet and the wok.

BTW, Washington D.C. just had a superspreader event and everyone is like “meh.” Philadelphia has a few new cases of Omicron and goes bug-fuck crazy with reinstating the indoor mask mandate. I believe I’d tell them to kiss my ass.

Still, almost makes one hope the Covid is as lethal as the Dems claim. Nothing like putting your own life on the line to prove you’re right.

Y’all have a nice day!

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