Walkout Wednesday. 11 Aug

So, if you’re from Oregon (the State, not the city) then you might want to get someone to read this for you: Gov. Kate Brown, the Oregon Democrat, signed a bill last month with little fanfare that drops the requirement that high school students prove proficiency in reading, writing or math, before graduation.

The part that cracks me up was the sub-headline: Most Republicans have come out against the bill. Most? I mean, one would expect Democrats to dumb down their voting base so they can’t understand what they’re voting for, but, most republicans? Hell, most right-thinking Americans should be against anything like this. And I don’t mean right-politically. I mean right-as in can add 2+2 once they’ve read the question and can write the answer.

So, sorry for you kids in Oregon; that you’re “leaders” don’t think you’re smart enough to learn the basics and not worth the effort or time to work with you until you master those basics. What they’re saying is “Manuel’s stupid and Manuel is always going to be stupid so why bother? And Mila is trailer trash so who cares? Give them “free” shit and they’ll vote Democrat for the rest of their lives.”

Also, what they’re saying is: “Those other races are too fucking stupid to keep up with the White Kids but they vote so we’ll lower everyone’s standards and maybe they’ll be able to keep up.”

Wouldn’t it be funny if Republicans won all the time cause the younger Oregonians marked the wrong person cause they couldn’t read the ballot? You can bet the Democrats would come out with “color coded” ballots then. Pick Blue. Red bad.

But, honestly, most Americans today can’t even add up that what we’re being told about things don’t add up anyway. The most recent being “get this vaccination so you maybe don’t get a disease with a 99% survival rate and you must still wear a mask to not get the disease you got vaccinated against. And stay your ass at home until we tell you otherwise.”

And, oh, BTW, we’re going to charge you a “fee” (we couldn’t get a stupid law passed so we made a “regulation”) for driving every mile you drive. (Because we mandated electric cars but folks that drive electric cars don’t buy gas so they aren’t paying their fair share of gas taxes so we had to come up with a way to get that money from them too and to keep it simple we’re just going to apply it to everyone and not repeal any of the taxes in place. So y’all pay no attention to being double-taxed because one is a “fee” that you didn’t vote for that we regulated on you without asking you first because you let us do this shit all the time.)

Gotta go walk the Dog.

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