Me And Haselwood Chevrolet

So, last year at Haselwood I spent $90 of my hard earned money (fixed income remember) to buy 3 “coupons” for oil changes. Gave them to my lovely-young-bride to use on her car. The other day I get them back; she prefers “Oil Can Henry’s” or someplace local that one doesn’t have to make an appointment to get into. That’s when I got to looking at the coupons to possibly use them, when I notice: Each has an expiration date. Really, an expiration date. They’ve already expired. What? How can something I paid for expire?

So, yesterday I made my appointment to get my oil changed. Talked to Cameron (the guy helping me) and he said the coupons have expired and that I paid my $90 for the “chance” to use them. What? The Chance to use them? That doesn’t make any sense.

Backtrack for a moment: The last time I had my oil changed (meaning before this time), I had already used my last “free” oil change so I paid out of pocket for the work done. (I may be wrong on that though. I seem to remember paying out of pocket but I cannot absolutely swear to it cause my memory is totally shot.)

Back to the present: Cameron was looking at my account and it seems that, when I bought the truck, I paid, as part of the financing, for a plan that gives me 9 oil changes and 9 tire rotations. What? So why did I pay out of pocket for my last oil change if I have this plan?

Cameron wasn’t sure, but, he wouldn’t charge me for this oil change AND he kept one of the expired coupons!

Did I just double pay for an oil change? (One off the plan I paid for and one for the expired coupon.)

So, I’m thinking that just as soon as we’ve concluded our oil change plan Hasselwood Chevrolet/GMC and I will be parting ways.

Don’t get me wrong; I like them, think they do good work, and everyone is friendly as heck, but no one seems to know what the hell is going on. Including me. And I don’t like that part at all.

And I will admit right up front that the actual facts may be slightly different (did I pay out of pocket or not?) but this is the way I remember it all. I am not trying to be dishonest or anything. No reason to be.

Plus, I don’t really feel that my oil absolutely has to be changed every 3 months. Mostly I don’t really drive that much. Except for trips around, I konow. And I’m sick of that truck bugging me about it!

Other than that: nice day out today so me and the Dog spent a lot of time outside. Picked another 4 lbs or so of black berries. Finished up the “cage” for the tower hole. Measured it and I need enough cement to fill a 6 ft x 7 ft x 39 inch hole. However much that is. Hopefully if won’t be too expensive.

Got the tower plumb all around. Bubble is centered on every axis. Think I lucked out on that. It’s not like I’ve ever done this before and know what the hell I’m doing. Need to borrow my friends cement shaker thingie for when I have cement delivered.

Watching Hurricane Harvey on youtube.

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