You Guessed It. Headache.

Damned cat woke me up at 0550 licking the corner of the bed. Got up and beat him into submission with the pillow (he really hates that) before almost falling over with pain in my head. It’s lasted almost all damned day. The headache, not the pillow beating. (Hey, I figure a pillow lets the cat know I’m displeased with his actions without actually doing him any damage.)

Sure. Tease us with the threat of snow.

Which means I haven’t been very useful. About the only thing I’ve managed to do was go check our mailbox. Wouldn’t even have done that if it wasn’t Netflix day.

Planning ham & cheese & tomato & mushroom omelets and hash browns for dinner. We’ll see how that turns out. (SWMBO like breakfast for dinner every once in awhile. Must be her Ohio upbringing or something.)

I really think these headaches come on with a change in weather. I really do. Could be that damned bed also. Sometimes I just can’t get comfortable in it. I miss my waterbed sometimes.

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