So Far, My Usual Monday

Alarm went off at 0530 and I woke SWMBO up. Before turning over and going back to sleep (a rarity for me) I took a moment to just look at her face in the light from the clock. I’ve been looking at that face for almost 30 years; and can’t think of any other face I’d rather see. Even after all that time and +100 lbs. or so, she is still the beautiful young thing I married way back when.

What a way to start a day!


Raining like a bitch (however a bitch rains) this morning. The heat-exchanger for our heating system was making the most God-awful noise and I had to turn it off. We’re on “emergency” heating right now. Only bad thing about that is it runs all the time so you really have to watch the thermostat. Uses a lot more electricity also. Don’t know what the problem is, yet, but am hoping it was a simple build up of ice. Anything more than that will be expensive to fix and we just can’t afford it right now.

Gotta move everything out of the kitchen today as the cabinet folks are supposed to be here tomorrow to start that job. What fun! Really not that much to move because I moved it all out last time I thought the cabinet folks were supposed to be here. Refer & stove and the few things that have migrated back into the kitchen. Don’t know if I have to take the shelves out or not… (So I did it anyway.)

Well, restarted the heat exchanger thingie and it seems to be working fine and making the usual amount of noise. Must have been the build up of ice. That’s good.

vlcsnap-00189 (2)

Just got back from picking SWMBO up. Took her to DQ since the stove is no longer in the kitchen and she really wasn’t thrilled about eating a TV Dinner.

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