The Continuing FedEx Saga…

So, I get this e-mail today from FedEx:

We received your message and are routing it to the person at FedEx who is most qualified to answer. We hope to be back with you shortly.

Then I get this one from The Great Courses folks:

Thank you for your order! I apologize for the delay in the receipt of your package. Our information from FedEx does indicate that this box was delivered; since this was not the case I will be happy to arrange for a reshipment for you… Please let me know how best to resolve this issue for you.

Best wishes,


Customer Relations

Talk about GREAT Customer Support! I may buy something from these folks again even if I decide to quit learning anything new for the rest of my life! (Naw, I don’t think I could become a Democrat…:shock:)

Not much else going on. Sun’s out but it still too cold to go out and do much. Made a run to the Library (yes, I still read *real* books!) and took the Netflix movies to the Post Office.


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