What The Heck Is Going On?

Not much. Thought I’d better get off my ass and update this blog before I completely forget what’s happened around here.

Let’s see… Ummmm. Not much. We did go on a ’day trip’ and drove around some. Last weekend I think…

It did finally really snow here (last monday?). For just over an hour it snowed like Winter really wanted to finally come in with a bang. Nice and heavy and was getting some nice accumulation. Then the sun came out and melted it all within 10 minutes or so. Bummer!

Last Tuesday or so SWMBO and I spent way too much money at Home Depot on (cottage stone? Building blocks for a fence.), three (Box bushes? Used for hedges.) four different fruit trees (Apple, Cherry, Plum & Peach) and a couple of Blueberry bushes. I got the Box bushes planted where I want them and the Blueberry bushes in pots out in the back yard. The fruit trees are still waiting for SWMBO to point out where she wants them and her help to put them in. Then we find out none of the fruit trees are self-pollinating and we have to buy them all mates. Shoot!

Rest of the week was pretty much ssdd. Worked on the last bookcase for the library some. Made a new template for drilling the shelf holes. Finally cleaned up the shop some. Continued converting our cassette tapes to digital format. Scanned some more documents to Paperport. (Including my old "Divorce Diary." Can’t believe I wrote some of that crap!) Need to get on scanning the boxes of pictures I still have laying around! (I hate doing that though on this scanner cause you can scan only one picture at a time. My last scanner you could make it scan every picture on the glass individually. That means if I had 10 pictures on the glass, I could highlight each picture and it would scan each into it’s own file without changing pictures between scanns. That wasn’t very clear, was it? Ah well.)

Watching the Dem’s vote in their new health care bill. Can’t believe they’re going on with it with all the opposition they’re getting. I used to believe we had a say in what our government does to us; but I don’t anymore. Hell, just locally we (the voters) voted against building a new stadium Twice only to have the government build it anyway and tax us for it. And I don’t even go to the thing! It seems that our Federal Government spends a lot of time doing things for us that we don’t want done without our approval. I hate "Its for your own good" folks. I’d much rather decide for myself what’s good for me. I really think this is going to make a lot of things much worse and fail miserably. It’ll take a couple of years but it will fail. And I really believe that All Elected Officials should be required to obey any law they pass for us and be required to enroll in any plan they force us to participate in. I also believe Congressmen & Senators should NOT get all the benefits and perks they get. their pay should stop the moment they no longer have the job and they should NOT get a retirement unless they spend a minimum of 20 years on the job. But don’t get me started!

But what I really want to know is: When Will We Hire (elect) People To Office That Will Do What WE Want Done? Why do we let people force us to accept what they think is best for us? Why are Americans afraid to use their minds and not accept anything but the best from those that are Supposed to be serving US? Why do we give away our power of self direction?

We have so many laws that limit what we can and can’t do that it’s impossible for anyone to keep up with them. That’s because sometime back in the mid to late 1950’s we gave away our common sense. Somewhere along the way most of the people alive just gave it away. It’s like they woke up one morning and it was missing and no one ever thought to look for it. And they never thought to pass it on to their kids! Common Sense? What’s that!? You mean maybe I shouldn’t make all that noise really early in the morning or really late at night ’cause it might annoy my neighbor. Hell, let’s make a law for that! And there are so many of our laws that directly reflects the lack of common sense. And respect.

Have y’all ever seen a tag on an iron that says something like: CAUTION: DEVICE GETS HOT. YOU MAY EXPERIENCE BURNS IF YOU TOUCH BARE SKIN WITH A HOT DEVICE. DO NOT SUBMERGE DEVICE IN WATER AS YOU MAY EXPERIENCE AN ELECTRICAL SHOCK AND DIE. Well, that’s because a lot of folks have no common sense and someone, somewhere, did both of those things. Common Sense would tell ME that if the thing gets hot (which it is supposed to do) then I’d better not touch it to my skin as I might get burned. And Common Sense would also tell me not to submerge anything in water that is plugged into an electrical outlet as I will probably receive a shock that could possibly kill me! But I’m so far above the average in common sense that I sometimes scare myself!

Oh, and remove that tag from the flat shiny part before you plug it in and turn it on. Otherwise you could burn the tag and ruin the flat shiny part that gets hot. (Remember: that flat shiny part gets HOT.)


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