It’s A Pretty SSDD Wednesday Around Here!

Still doing all the normal things: building the last bookcase for the “library.” House work & Laundry etc etc etc ad nausium. My life really doesn’t change much.

We did go and help SWMBO’s brother move a couple of Sunday’s ago from someplace to someplace else. Four of us, well, 3 1/2 of us if you count her brother, moved all the stuff from his old apartment into the truck he rented, across town to another town, and up to his new apartment. Lot of work!

Finally finished planting the trees we bought at Home Depot then got 10 more in the mail from the Arbor Society folks. I guess you could call them trees. They look like twigs with roots. Except the one with no roots at all. I got them all planted in pots and set out on the sun deck for maximum exposure.

Speaking of which; our weather has gone to hell and back and they may have frozen the other night. Weather dude keeps talking about thunderstorms (which we haven’t seen) and the possibility of low land snow in the mornings (which we haven’t seen either). But it has been getting cold and it has been raining a lot and hard. Some hail also. No thunder and lightning though. Bummer! :grin:

Not much going on. Ran my digger dry (almost) out piling stuff into the fire I started last week. Thing burned for 4 days even through the rain. Made lots of smoke!

Oh, our clothes washer went tits-up the other day. Everything works but the agitator. That just makes a squealing sound. So I had to take the load that was in it to the laundromat. What a trip! They’ve changed the machines. Now you have to pay the lady then she goes out and sticks a card into the machine and it runs a cycle. No more begging quarters! Cool.

Still making time-lapse video’s of the clouds occasionally. Still playing with making my own music. Still converting our cassette tapes to digital format and all this paper I have stored to .pdf files. About ready to start those boxes of pictures…

Now you have the gist of my life!

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