Just Had To Pass This On…

Now the fucking Senate is working for the RIAA Nazis:

"A U.S. Senate panel on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a bill backed by the recording industry that would give federal prosecutors the power to file civil lawsuits against peer-to-peer users who violate copyright laws… Groups such as the American Library Association and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are opposed to portions, including the Justice Department pursuing taxpayer-funded lawsuits on behalf of private parties."

Wonder how much it cost to buy that Senate Panel? You all (Y’all) realize that you let this POS RIAA get as powerful as it has by your inaction, right? Quit buying cd’s/music for a month to let the Artists know that we don’t appreciate their police department nor the RIAA’s tactics. Oh, you’re too weak to do without buying a cd for a month? Figures.

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