It’s The Weekend? Already?

My Goodness! Where does the time go?

Friday: Went out for breakfast at FPH in Port Orchard as SWMBO was going to drive to Seattle to visit with one of her friends (Anne). I wasn’t feeling to well so, after a trip to Home Depot to get some wood to try to redo those drawers I’m making for SWMBO, I really kind of just vegged around the house all day. And all night. SWMBO didn’t get home until way late. Yeah, I was kinda sorta upset about it too. She could have at least called.

Today, Saturday: Got up late (for me) and really didn’t get my day started until well after SWMBO left for the Genealogy Library. Didn’t get out to the property until after 1300. Pushed a couple of trees over and moved some dirt around. Got home after 1700 and really was too tired to cook; not to mention that I was really hungry. So SWMBO took me to Burger King with a short stop at WalMart for some "sky" fabric.

I was looking through the games section while SWMBO was looking at fabric and found X-Plane 9. SWMBO split the cost with me. $50. Phew! Nice program. Came with 5 scenery discs. Over 60gig of scenery. Cool! Of course it still doesn’t want to run with full graphics on my machine. You’d think that a 2.5ghz computer with 1gig or ram would run just about anything. Guess I need a better video card or something.

Not much else going on. Just wasted away this evening playing with X-Plane and kinda sorta listening to the tv. I’m getting ready to go lay down cause I’m still tired from staying up too late last night.

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