Damn, I Hate These Senior Moments!

And I have so many of them! I coulda swore I had made a post between the last one you see and this one. Even remember putting in a short video of a Helo hanging over the back of the USS Turner Joy (DD-951) from my one and only WESTPAC. Damned if I can find it (the entry) though. Probably did it when I was playing with Vista Ultimate and lost the sucker. Ah well, that means that I get to start it all over again! Too bad for YOU! So, last

Saturday: Another year and a day older it was pretty much SSDD for me. SWMBO off to the Genealogy Library and me off to the property. Starting to push over more trees so I can make the ’dome’ hole bigger to handle the new house design.

Sunday: Did the first session of church. Put in a few hours at the property and still made it home in time to attend SWMBO’s choir thingie at the church. They put on their annual “Patriotic Concert” and it was pretty good. Of course I gave a good “HooRah” at the end of the USMC music.

Monday: Back out at the property pushing over trees for me for most of the day. We got the proposal from the architect. $2850 to draw up our plans. Phew! But from what I saw during our meeting last Friday he does good work. And it’s gotta be done before we can even begin to start building.

Tuesday: Back out at the property for most of the day pushing dirt and trees around. The weather has been absolutely beautiful these past few days! Of course when I get tired of pushing dirt around I take the time to lay out in the sun and read a bit. Tuesday evening was my usual: sitting around the house playing on my computer and watching tv. Had to reboot and the damned computer would get most of the way through rebooting and reboot again. Huh? Switched to my other XP disc and the same happened. Both would boot into safe mode just fine; but you can’t do anything in safe mode. Finally wound up putting in the Vista Ultimate disc and that booted fine. ????

Wednesday: Spent around the house getting those things done that I haven’t had time to do cause I’ve been at the property. As it was SWMBO’s usual Wednesday at the office it was me and Poop Dog turnin’-and-burnin’! Not that I accomplished anything you know… Finally put my usual XP disc in the computer, booted with the XP installation disc and went into the console. Ran CHKDSK /R and 4 hours later it was still only 53% done! Damn! So I went to bed and let it run all night (or until it finished, whichever came first).

Thursday: Today. Chkdsk was finished running this morning so I rebooted and it’s been working fine all day. ???? I’ll have to do my other XP disc tonight. Have had a minor but hanging in there headache most of the day so I’ve been hanging around the house doing laundry or whatever and keeping an eye on “The Twilight Zone Marathon” on SciFi. Just don’t feel like getting real active! We had a couple of thunder storms (mostly everywhere but right over head) and I caught a great peal of thunder while videoing some clouds yesterday; but nothing real close to our house. Downpour woke me up sometime really early but it didn’t last long. Damn, I wish this headache would go away!

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