Happy Birthday To Me…

Wow! I have been BUSY!

Monday: My friend Jerry and I used his Toyota dump truck and went up to the property and filled it with about half of the wood I cut up last weekend. Actually, I should say I filled the back of his truck with about half the wood I’ve cut. Jerry can’t do much physically. But dropping it off at the house was a lot easier than loading it. Just back the truck up and hit the ’dump’ lever. So I have a pile of wood where I usually park my truck. Jerry drives fairly slow but it’s not really is fault. Top speed on his dump truck is about 50. Unless you have something in the back when it’s about 20. Unless you’re going uphill. Then it’s about 3mph. We dropped the wood off at my house then I went back out in my truck and brought another load back.

Tuesday: I called Steve, the guy that’s going to be putting in our septic system (when we start building our house) to come out to the property and give me an estimate on moving some dirt. So we met out at the property at about 0900. There’s about 1000 cubic yards of dirt to move so his guesstimate came in at $3500. Then he started looking over my digger and talking about having to do some work and having to rent a digger for $250. So he asked me if I wanted to dig a trench for him for $100. I said “Sure!” Stayed out at the property moving dirt and downing trees and stuff until late afternoon. I have no recollection of what I did Tuesday night but it must have seemed important at the time.

Wednesday: Got up early and was out at the property by 0845 to wait for Steve to pick me up. He showed up and we loaded my digger on his trailer then drove WAY out someplace. I dug the 20 feet of 2 ft deep trench in about an hour but was stuck out there until Steve finished his part so I grabbed a shovel and helped him lay pipe and stuff. I spend WAY too much time behind this computer! Finally got back to the property and hung around moving dirt and stuff. SWMBO was away at the office so I didn’t have any reason to hurry home. Did finally get home around 1930 and spent the rest of the evening recuperating and working on the house plans.

Thursday: Mostly hung around the house doing all the things I haven’t been doing; if you know what I mean. Dishes, laundry and stuff like that. AND cutting up meat and sucker bagging it for the freezer. SWMBO also had me go to Lowe’s and pick up a 24″ Hickory Base Cabinet that she wants me to put pull out shelves in so she can stow her printer and usb turntable out of the way. Was going to go to the monthly Ham Club meeting in Belfair but got busy putting together the router table and router she got me for my birthday. Then I got busy putting together the Miter Saw she got me last year. By the time I finished that it was bedtime.

Today, Friday: We both got up early (well, I got up at my usual time but SWMBO had to get up early) to go to a 0900 meeting with the architect that’s going to be designing our house. He was impressed with the ’rough’ plans we already did in that Broderbund 3d house program. After the meeting SWMBO and I went to the Family Pancake House for breakfast and then came on home so she could get some work done. I went out to the property (as it was a beautiful day out) and felled some more trees and piled them in the dome hole then moved some more dirt. Figure I’ll do as much as I can…


Got home around 1700 and SWMBO took me to Subway for dinner. I didn’t have my usual seafood feast sandwich this time. Then we stopped by COSTCO and bought a couple of books (a new Odd Thomas book for me!) and came on home where I’ve either been talking to (my sister) friends from Utah that call me on my birthday every year or trying to watch Alien -VS- Predator Requiem. Cool movie but way too dark. The sounds in my earphones are something else! I like the music so much I’m listening to the movie again just to hear the sounds. (That doesn’t make any sense, does it?)

And that’s about it for the King Household. Things are moving along for the new house and life with SWMBO is pretty damned good. Even the weather is finally seeming like summer around here. Of course, that has all the true Warshingtonians bitching about the heat…

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