Been Pretty Nice Out!

And I’m glad. Even today, cooler than the last few, was still fairly nice. Last:

Friday: SWMBO and I got up early (well, SHE got up earlier) and we went to the 1030 showing of the latest Indiana Jones movie at the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor. What a nice theater! Screen(s) are nice and big, sound is great, but the best part is the seating. It’s that ’ampitheater’ type seating: where the people in front of you are lower. Their heads would be about knee height. That was cool! Another great thing about going so early to a movie that’s been out awhile is we had the theater completely to ourselves. Too cool! After the movie SWMBO took me to KFC and then we went and spent way too much shopping at Albertson’s. But, groceries ain’t going to get any cheaper so we might as well get what we may need now. She bought 4 big chuck roasts (I think that’s what they are) for me to grind into hamburger. Hell, I may even add some real HAM so it’ll really be hamburger!

After doing all that I went out to the property cause it was just too damned nice out to stay home. Mostly just layed out and read.

Saturday: SWMBO did her usual shift at the Genealogy Library in Bremerton. I went on out to the property and cut up half a dozen trees for firewood. A friend of our is going to let me use his toyota dump truck Monday to pick up as much as we can. There’s probably 20 of my truckbed fulls. It’ll be cheaper to use his truck. After cutting up all that wood I just layed out and read some before going home.

SWMBO and I completely re-did our house plan. Something we both agreed on! Wow! (Well, except for the MIL apartment but I’m kinda sorta getting used to that one.) She figures we can afford 3k sq ft or less. So this one comes in around 2680. Here are the rough plans:


That program, 3dHouseDeluxe5 by Broderbund works pretty good for making rough plans. It’s kind of quirky sometimes when you try to place things (cabinets) in specific places but mostly it works good.

Today, Sunday, after my usual first session of church (I keep having these talks go through my head) I straightened up the kitchen for SWMBO & Son to grind some hamburger, got everything set up for them, and went on out to the property. Took down a couple more trees and moved some dirt. Too cool to get naked though. Bummer. :grin: But I got a lot done.

Got home in time to smooch SWMBO before she took off for Choir practice and I’m been straightening up my "New Scans" directory’s on my backup drive. Trying to see where I am in my scanning (which I don’t do near about enough of!).

That’s it. All caught up. Aren’t you glad you tuned in?!…

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