Urge You NOT To Do Business With MediaMax/The LinkUp

I joined MediaMax about a year or so ago. Used their server for file storage/transfer once. Noticed this past April I was coming up for renewal. Canceled my account 30 Apr 08. They re-billed me early June for $59. Notified them via e-mail (Customer Service) of the situation. Boiler plate "sorry about that" return e-mail. It’s now 19 June and I STILL haven’t gotten a refund. I think over 3 weeks is way long enough to fix an error like that. So much for their "customer service." Yep, just rechecked and still no refund. I can’t afford a lawyer but I can go down and file a "lean" against their company for $59 Plus however much it costs to file the ’lean." So I urge y’all most strenuously NOT to do business with MediaMax/The Linkup.

Yesterday was a pretty normal Wednesday for me. Spent a LOT of time back in our back bedroom/storage room pulling out all the damned empty boxes and tearing them down. Damn but there were a lot of empty boxes! Why do I keep boxes from computer stuff I bought 3-4 years ago? Straightened up that room some and was surprised at the room I had. Cool.

Spent part of the day (6 hours or so) building another WindowsXP drive. Last Monday evening I shut my computer down and swapped for the Vista drive to play with it for awhile. (Still not impressed with Vista.) When I was done with that I shut my ’puter down and swapped my XP drive back in. Damned if it wouldn’t work! It would boot into safe mode okay; but would get about 3/4 way through the boot process in normal mode then reboot. Everytime. Finally got tired of trying to fix it around 0100 and just turned it off. Did get it to running mid-Tuesday but couldn’t check my mail, etc until then.

So I decided to make a ’backup’ drive on a ’spare’ 80G drive I have just laying around with XP and at least my e-mail crap for those times things like this happens. Ah, but there is something beautiful about a brand spankin’ new XP install! It boots up so quickly! But I wound up installing damn near everything I usually use and a couple of programs I’ve wanted to try out and it all works great. Cool! If I can transfer all my passwords and stuff over I’ll probably switch to this drive/install. Yeah, used 20G of the 80G but I rarely keep anything but System stuff on my boot drive anyway. I’ve lost too many things over the years to a boot drive going TU…:grin:

Not much going on today. Playing with a program called "vue4"; another landscape generator. I set up a 10.7 second animation of an island and it took 4 HOURS TO RENDER! Damn! Been re-drawing our house plans in that Broderbund program. Think I need to sign up for an AutoDesk class.

And that’s about it from the land of (Gads, is it summer yet?) Warshington…

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