Had To E-Mail The Whirlpool Folks…

And ask for specific directions (with video if possible) about something called a ’delicate cycle’ that SWMBO keeps mentioning that I’m supposed to use when I wash her ’unmentionables’ and other ’delicate’ stuff. Two guys have already answered with “Doesn’t exist” and “Urban Myth’ respectively. SWMBO swears it exists and has even tried to show it to me but I keep going blank when the dial on the washer is turned in any direction not equaling ’Left’. Turn dial left to 18, pile clothes in, pour soap over top (of clothes not the washer), pull knob (which we men know something about) and it washes. Come back in 3 hours and it’s done. Easy! I think she tried turning the knob to the right. I think. Or maybe it was too far to the left. I don’t know.

Then I e-mailed the Whirlpool technical support asking for directions (with video if possible) for that very same ’delicate cycle’ that’s supposed to be on the DRYER also. If not for knowing and trusting SWMBO these past 22 years or so I’d think she was lying to me. I mean, the same setting on the washer AND the Dryer!? Come on! How stoopid do you think I am?!? You pull the clothes out of the washer, pile them into the dryer, clean the lint thingie, toss in that sheet thingie, close the door, turn the knob to the left to the 2 hour mark, push the ’start’ button then go out and steam clean your engine with the dryer exhaust. Come back next day and they’re dry. What’s so hard about that? Works for me!

Haven’t heard back from Whirlpool Tech Support yet. I figure they’re still researching the supposed delicate cycle that’s supposedly built into their washers.Maybe I ought to check for this at snopes.com and report it if they haven’t heard of this yet. I’ll let y’all know.

Right now though I’m going to investigate this “The clothes won’t wrinkle as much if you fold them while they’re hot’ rumor she’s trying to pass off to me….


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