Only Two (2!) More Days Until Smallville!!

Cool! Guess you can tell I’m looking forward to the premiere, huh?

Was just puttering around the house yesterday (dishes, laundry, etc) when I looked outside and saw NO clouds; and the temperature wasn’t too bad. Hmmm. I contemplated (for about 2 seconds) on either 1) staying inside and getting some of the thousand things I need to do DONE or, 2) heading for the property and getting a bit more dirt moved and my ass a bit more sunburned. My Ass Won. And it was a damned fine day out there! Moved some dirt. Picked up some rocks. Layed out. Had to come back home way too early…

Raining (well, mostly drizzle) out today. Feels cold too. Started a fire (in the wood burning stove. That’s a misnomer though: it’ll actually burn most anything you put in it. It’ll even burn YOU if you touch it at the wrong time). Decided not to cook dinner since SWMBO is off to the office today; so my brother-in-law and I went to the all-you-can-eat pizza place (FodGothers) and had, well, all-we-could-eat. Not bad for less than $5 each!

And that’s about it. Think I’ll spend the rest of the night ripping the 3 ’Blade’ and 2 ’Underworld’ movies I have, converting them to avi’s and put them all on one disc. That way I can have a ’Vampire’ night…

Picture I got when I was a kid.

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