Kinda Sorta A Slow Day For Me…

Got up early and took the radiator down to the radiator fixit place and dropped it off. The guy said he needed it for the day to pressure test it to see where it’s leaking. He didn’t call before the end of the day so I figure he either didn’t get to it OR it doesn’t leak at all and he doesn’t know how to tell me I’m a dork. You choose.

So, since SWMBO went into work today I did laundry and dishes and generally straightened up outside. Been working on my Cyber-Church.Org site.

Let me explain: About 1995-6 I paid for a year of web hosting (much more expensive back then) for my Dad to have his own website. He chose the name ‘’ and started his own online ministry (Pentecostal) . Worked at it pretty good right up until he died Jan 2000. Since then a guy named Pastor Dick has been running the site. But, whenever I stop by I don’t see much “preaching” as much as I see ads and donation buttons. So, I decided to start ‘Cyber-Church.Org’ and post a years worth of my Dad’s sermons and notes and get away from the ‘commercialism’ and back to the basics.

Well, I couldn’t see it just sitting there static so I called a few local Pentecostal churches and offered them a free site for at least a year. AND I would do most of the webmaster stuff if they couldn’t find anyone else to do it. Several Pastor’s looked at me like I was crazy and chumped me off. After about a month Pastor Job of the Family Church of God Pentecostal, Inc said he’d like the site. So he got it. I just wish he’d DO something with it.

Anyway, I had a site up and a blog and forums and a photo gallery but nothing was (IS!) getting posted. I have 2000 e-mail addresses available for church members and only 3 are being used. It’s been that way for over 7 months now. Several times I’ve been ready to completely pull the plug on them and find someone else; but about the time I start to do that they contact me with Big Plans for the site. And still nothing gets done.

So, I figured maybe it was all a bit too much for them (they aren’t real compuer literate). Over the past couple of days I’ve gutted everything and gone to just a plain Simple Machines Forum program (SMF). I hope this is simple enough for them to start getting involved. I think the new site looks a bit more professional too. I’m installing extra things (mods) to extend the functionality and (hopefully) make it even easier to use. We’ll see.

If you’re interested the site is What is a real surprise to me is that I’m not particularly religious…

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