Damn, What A Nice Day!

It had to get up around 65 or so. Over 60 anyway. Never thought I’d think that a temperature over 60 would be nice. Poop Dog and I went out to the property to look for a part that fell off my dozer sometime but didn’t find it. Was really nice walking around the property though. Sunny. Warm. If I had had on my sandals that’s all I would have had on!

Not much else going on. MY computer is down right now. SWMBO bought me a new 400 gig drive while in Ohio (for $100!!) so I installed it into my computer this afternoon. Right now it’s transferring all the data from my old C: drive to the new one at 10% per hour. It’s been going over 5 hours now and says it’s copied 53%. So I got out SWMBO’s laptop and logged in. Cool!

And that’s about it. Was disappointed that Smallville was a rerun AGAIN. Will be next week also. I think they’re trying to kill the show. I really do. Too bad too because I really do like the show. Ah well….

Oops, Whose Line is on. Later!

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